There is little to no Asian representation of the different Asian communities in mainstream media, especially in western countries such as The Netherlands. This leads to negative prejudice and racist behaviour. Many communities from Asia are forgotten in policies about inclusivity, anti-racism and discrimination. The word ‘Asian’ often refers to Chinese or East Asians (China, Korea and Japan) while Asia is a massive continent with a rich diversity of cultures, languages and people.

Asian countries are also for example: Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Laos. There is no such thin as ‘the Sri Lankan community’, because it is not a homogeneous community. There is also diversity here. Likewise with all communities.

With this accessible and simple game “Guess Who: Asian edition” creator Rui Jun Luong (she/her) wants to create more awareness about these issues. Changing people’s views on communities, so that these negative prejudices and stereotypes stop. The people in Asian communities are diverse, beautiful and are presented in colorful portraits in the game. To make the photoseries inclusive, diverse and intersectional, Rui Jun want to capture all kinds of different people from Asian communities and diaspora.


Rui Jun Luong (She Her), is a multidisciplinary designer and photographer. During her graduation year of Graphic and Time Based design at Art Academy Minerva in The Netherlands. She created the “Guess Who: Asian Edition” game.

She is born in The Netherlands, and her parents are Chinese. Her mother is Wenzhounese and her father Cantonese from South Vietnam. During her studies she researched about her familyhistory. Rui Jun started to speak out online in 2018 against racism towards East Asians. She shared her personal stories, opinions and shed light onto things she saw on (social) media.

She made the: Asian Racism Bingo (Dutch), spoke at Pakhuis de Zwijger Wij vs Zij #23: Nieuw Aziatisch geluid, Dag van Empathie, NPO Radio 1, De Wereld Draait Door and did several interviews: Funx:  Poep Chinees, Sambal bij of Spleetoog Aziaten pikken het niet langer, RTL In de bus aangesproken om coronavirus: ‘Hoop dat ik door jou niet ziek word’, Funx: Chinese community doelwit van racistische opmerkingen door Coronavirus. Meer dan Babipangang, Alien Mag,  One world and many more. She was invited to do guest lectures for University of Utrecht, Christelijke Hogeschool Ede and Breitner Academy Amsterdam.

E-mail: studioruijun@gmail.com

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There are three statements Rui Jun wants to make with her portrait series and Guess Who game.