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There is little to no Asian representation of the different Asian communities in mainstream media, especially in western countries such as The Netherlands. This leads to negative prejudice and racist behaviour. Many communities from Asia are forgotten in policies about inclusivity, anti-racism and discrimination. The word 'Asian' often refers to Chinese or East Asians (China, Korea and Japan) while Asia is a massive continent with a rich diversity of cultures, languages and people.

With this accessible and simple game “Guess Who: Asian edition” creator Rui Jun Luong (she/her) wants to create more awareness about these issues. Changing people's views on communities, so that these negative prejudices and stereotypes stop. The people in Asian communities are diverse, beautiful and are presented in colorful portraits in the game. To make the photoseries inclusive, diverse and intersectional, Rui Jun want to capture all kinds of different people from Asian communities and diaspora.


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Are you Turkish, Afghan, Vietnamese, Indian? Are you North-West-South-East Asian? Mixed Asian? Do you live in The Netherlands? Are you from the Asian disaspora? Your story needs to be heard and your experiences are valid. It’s time to shine some light on YOU!


August 2019

Research about racism in The Netherlands

Beginning of Rui Jun's graduation year
Start of research of racism towards Chinese people in The Netherlands and other western countries. Looking for representation within the film, music and entertainment industry.
January 2020

Start crowdfunding on Gofundme

Looking for financial support
To realize the concept of the game Rui Jun had in mind, financial support is needed. The start of the crowdfunding has started.
March 2020

Founding of Facebook group Asian Raisins

Start of a community and anti-racism group
Within a few weeks the group has grown into a successful community of 2000 people. It currently has almost 4000 people, with a team of volunteers around The Netherlands. The start of a new movement.
May 2020

Speech 'Dag van Empathie 2020'

Rui Jun was invited to do a speech
During the 'Dag van Empathie' (Day of Empathy) , Rui Jun was invited to give a speech. She shared her personal experiences with the audience. You can watch the speech here:
July 2020

Graduation presentation went viral

Rui Jun shared her presentation video
For the presentation of her graduation at Minerva, she shared her presentation video on Instagram and this went viral on Instagram. She shared the reality of the racism towards Chinese people and of East-Asian descent. You can watch it here:
2020 - 2021

Covid-19 pandemic

Cancellation of graduation show
Because of Covid-19 the plan of the big graduation show was cancelled, the game couldn't be created. Rui Jun's put work and effort in campaigns and growing of foundation Asian Raisins.
December 2021

Second photoshoot for the game

Taking photos of 30 indivisuals
Producing, taking photo's and editting 30 different people in a span of 5 days.

Releasing Guess Who: Asian Edition card game

Working on producing the game
Experimenting with sizes, design and production. Releasing test and final product.
May 6th - June 30th 2022

Exhibition 'IkAzië' at OBA Amsterdam

Free to visit
Exhibition with artist talks.
October 15th - December 9th 2022

Theatershow 'De bananengeneratie'

The game will be travelling through The Netherlands
Play the game before or after watching the theatershow
October 13th 2022

Won Gold Lamp 'Dutch Creativity Awards'

Category: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Jury feedback: One of the jury members literally proclaimed: “I wish this existed 20 years ago.” From the design of the packaging to the cards and the photography – every aspect is top notch. This is made with true passion and visibly embedded in the community it is addressing. ‘Guess Who: The Asian Edition’ has made people think about what it means to be an Asian. We’re big fans.
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